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5 Best Kid Attractions in Florida | William C.  Daytona Lagoon is Daytona Beach’s best water park and the best place to get your fix of water slides, a wave pool and great family fun in general. It makes for an ideal water park due to its size and for the amount of fun activities...

Top 10 Florida Attractions for Kids: 2020 List Jump into Florida excitement and don’t look down! There’s so much to do and see for children here in the Sunshine State that isn’t a theme park! From a tree top climbing adventure to roller skating and even an arcade museum, the options are...
Making Summer Last at Daytona Lagoon

Making Summer Last at Daytona Lagoon

This summer has sure looked a bit different from those in the past, which is why here at Daytona Lagoon, we are offering our amazing guests extra operating days that we’ve added to the waterpark calendar, with multiple ways to save and soak up the rest of your summer...