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The month of May is National Water Safety Awareness Month. While everyone enjoys making a splash during the warmer months, it’s important to stay safe while doing so. Water safety not only refers to how you behave in the water but around it as well. This month, Daytona Lagoon is encouraging its guests to take the Safe Goonies Promise.  Those who take the water safety pledge during the month of May will be entered for a chance to win four Waterpark Passes! The Safe Goonies Promise serves as a reminder to all about the importance of water safety. Here are a few top water safety rules to keep in mind this summer to stay safe and have fun!

Maintain Equipment

It’s important to create sturdy barriers around pools or spas to block young children from accessing the water unsupervised. Other equipment surrounding pools such as decking, siding, fencing, stairs and ladders should be free of damage or fixed promptly to prevent accidents. At Daytona Lagoon, safety is the number one priority and the park ensures all equipment is safe for the season before the park opens to the public.

Learn to Swim

One of the best ways to reduce drowning risks in children is for them to learn how to swim at an early age. Research shows that children’s drowning risk is reduced if they learn to swim by four years old. It is a good idea for both parents and children to enroll in swimming lessons if they do not know how to swim.

Never Swim Alone

Swimming with a partner is always a good idea, for children and adults. Swimming with a friend is more fun and at the same time ensures that you can lookout for one another! If an accident were to happen in or around the water, a swimming partner can go for help. Each person should always bring at least one other skilled swimmer with them to swim. Parents should watch their children as well, even if there is another child or lifeguard present. A good precaution is to teach children to ask for permission before going near the water.

Don’t Swim Near Drains

Parents should always warn children of the danger of swimming near drains, as well as suction fittings and filters. Pool drains can create a large amount of suction as the water goes through the circulation system and back into the pool. Drain covers should be VGB Act compliant and checked frequently for damage.

Wear a Life Vest

Inexperienced swimmers should always wear a life vest. While it’s important to wear a life vest in the water, life vests should never be solely relied upon. Parents should always keep a close eye on children while they are in the water. Daytona Lagoon offers life vests free of charge and encourages guests to use them. Guests fewer than 42 inches tall must wear a life vest and be supervised by an adult.

Follow Pool Rules

Pool rules are set with everyone’s safety in mind and are very important to follow at all times. Everyone should always listen to the pool’s lifeguards; they are there for everyone’s service and safety. Another key rule to follow is to always walk on the pool deck, never run. This area can be very slippery and running will put children at a greater risk of falling. It’s also important to check the water depth of any area you plan on swimming in. Be sure you feel comfortable with the water depth before you get in. Be sure to look for a swimming area’s rules upon arriving.

Daytona Lagoon cares about the safety of its guests and wants to make sure they know all of the ways to be a safe swimmer. The Daytona Lagoon Safe Goonie Promise can be found online at Be sure to head to the website and take the promise to be entered for a chance to win four Waterpark Passes! For an additional entry, upload a photo of your certificate on social media tagging @DaytonaLagoon with the hashtag #WaterSafetyMonth.

It’s important to be aware about the dangers of water and what you can do to prevent a water-related injury from occurring. Take this opportunity to share with your family and friends what you’ve learned about how to stay safe in the water and use these tips to enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer.