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Summer is almost here! While we all want to make a big splash this summer, we need to make sure that everyone is #YetiReady for summer! This means learning and perfecting water safety principles. With the month of May being National Water Safety Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to learn more about water safety! This month, Daytona Lagoon is encouraging its guests to take the Sunny’s Safe Swimmer Promise.  Those who pledge to be safe around water will receive a FREE children’s waterpark admission with the purchase of an adult ticket on Sundays in the month of May! Just download the certificate from our website and bring it to the park this month. Below are a few top water safety rules to keep in mind this summer to stay safe and have fun!

Always Wear a Life Vest

Young children or inexperienced swimmers should always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-certified life jacket around water. While floaties, noodles and other flotation devices may be fun, life jackets are the most safe. At Daytona Lagoon, free life jackets are available in the park in front of the wave pool. Life jacket rules will be strictly enforced for all guests and guests under 42 inches tall must always wear a life vest and be supervised by an adult.

Stay Away from Pool Drains

Children’s hair, bathing suits and limbs can get stuck in broken or faulty drains, which can lead to drowning or serious injury. Children should always stay far away from these areas in pools, especially if a drain is missing a cover or appears otherwise broken. If you notice one that seems to be operating incorrectly, report it immediately.

Always Enter the Water Feet First

Severe injuries can occur when jumping or diving headfirst into shallow water. If the pool you are swimming in does not have an area designated for diving, do not attempt it, no matter how deep the water.

Never Swim Alone

You should always swim with someone supervising, whether it be a lifeguard or a responsible adult. Parents should always watch their children as well, even if there is a lifeguard present. Parents should provide constant attention to whomever you are supervising and avoid distractions including cell phones.

Daytona Lagoon cares about the safety of all guests and wants to make sure they know how to be a safe swimmer. Florida has so much water throughout the state making it even more important that everyone knows to how to practice water safety. Celebrate National Water Safety Month by taking Sunny’s Safe Swimmer Promise online at .