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We normally associate September with the return of football, fall and pumpkin spice lattes, but probably not goal setting. While January is the month typically reserved for resolutions, September is the perfect time for one final surge to complete your perhaps abandoned New Year’s Resolutions before December 31st comes around. If you feel a renewed sense of motivation in the fall, you’re not alone, “September is the new January” when it comes to setting goals. Read our blog to discover some fun goals to accomplish before the end of the year!


Get Outside More

Commit this year to get outside more with the kids. That can mean hiking, bike-riding, sports or camping.  But it can also mean simply going to Daytona Lagoon for some fresh air; we have an epic outdoor go-kart track and mini-golf course with unparalleled views of the ocean so you can enjoy some nature and engage in a family-friendly competition.


Start a Family Game Night

Having a regular family game night is a great new tradition to strengthen your family unit. Not only does it ensure time for connecting with each other plus, with the right game, but it can also be really fun! Daytona Lagoon is the perfect place for a family game night out with multiple attractions including arcade games, laser tag, bumper cars, ropes course and more. On Fridays in September and October, we are offering 50% off arcade games from 5 pm-10 pm, so family game night is more affordable than ever.


Do a “Digital Detox”

For some families, screen time has slowly taken over their lives. Kids are keeping their noses buried in their electronics and they’re missing out on seeing the world. Unplugging from technology on a short-term basis could be just the break your family needs to develop some healthier habits.


Exercise Together

The start of the school year is hectic for both parents and children. Between keeping up with school and work, it’s easy to put fitness on the back burner. The best way to stay in shape? Make fitness fun! A typical laser tag match burns 100 calories! Grab your family and head over to our laser tag arena for a fun, yet effective workout for the whole family!


Make Time for Family Meals

Sitting down for a meal together is one of the best ways to learn about each other’s days and find out what’s going on in everyone’s life. Eating together promotes the importance of family time and helps bring everyone together. We offer complete meal deals, sandwiches, fresh pizza, ice cream, and famous adult beverages to relax and refresh. Come together for a meal and then go and play your favorite Daytona Lagoon attractions!


There are four months left of 2021 to make sure that it’s the best one yet! Daytona Lagoon has a ton of fun specials and promotions this September to help make achieving your family goals easy and fun! Plan your next family outing at