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Get Paid For Good Grades

Bring your report card to Daytona Lagoon and get money for all your good grades!!!

Every A=$1 and B=$.50, and if you get straight A’s you will receive $10.  All money will be put on a Players Card or Pass and is able to be used in the Daytona Lagoon Arcade.

Participants must have a current customer profile in the system under the name on the report card.  Daytona has the right to ask for an ID of the child r parent if child doesn’t have ID.  Name on ID, Report Card and Profile must match.  Each report card can only be used once, Report card must have been issued in the last 30 days. Max 4 report cards per person per year. Max accumulation per report card is $7 unless Straight A’s the max is $10.  Offer Expires 6/30/19