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The History of Sunny the Yeti at Daytona Lagoon

There was once a yeti named Sunny who was born on the warmest day of the year deep in the Canadian Yukon. Growing up he craved the warmth and sun. He spent his days dreaming about this magical lagoon in Daytona Beach, Florida that his family always told him stories about.

The lagoon was filled with excitement, warm sun, cooling waves, and endless fun. Sunny knew that he had to find it so he packed up and started his trek to Daytona Beach.

From the moment he stepped through the doors at Daytona Lagoon he knew the stories his family told him were real. Sunny was surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Mega Arcade. But the real magic began when he first laid his eyes on the waterpark. Sunny the Yeti was in awe, he had never seen such a beautiful place ever before.

After a full day of fun in the sun, Sunny was sure this was the place his family told him about. He found the magical lagoon and never wanted to leave. Sunny asked to stay and help others complete their mission of finding their own fun at Daytona Lagoon.

The team at Daytona Lagoon welcomed their new resident and you can still find him around the park attending birthday parties, playing in the arcade, high-fiving water park guests, taking photos, and sharing the magical feeling at Daytona Lagoon.